Meet the Artist

Erin is a simple girl who grew up in rural Idaho. She has spent the last several years living abroad and traveling with her husband and children. She is a seeker and observer. Whether at home or in travel, she seeks out natural light and moments. An observer of light and land, people and emotions; she embraces the imperfections in life and strives to make something beautiful out of them. Photography is her obsession, her way of life. She is particularly passionate about black and white photographs full of shadows, dramatic lighting, and mood. Erin considers herself very fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of her time working on personal projects, only taking sessions on occasion. She currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and thoroughly enjoys experiencing new places and cultures.

Having a positive influence on the photography community is something that is very important to her. She is humbled and honored to have so many who look to her for encouragement, inspiration and knowledge. It is because of this, that she has decided to start offering mentoring services to other photographers. Erin hopes to see this new venture grow and grow; she hopes to continue to offer more and spread the positive influence as far and wide as possible.


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