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I cannot believe August is here! But happy that it means that it’s time for another Boys Will Be Boys post! Each month, we will photograph our boys, being themselves, and share the results with you here on our blogs. Getting into mischief, being silly and charming, just doing what boys do best. I hope you will enjoy following us as we capture our little rascals. :) Be sure to click the link at the end of this post and all the rest – lots of talent in our group!

A boy in a bathtub with bubbles and sharks.





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“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Canon 5D Mark III  |  50mm 1.4  |  aperture 3.5  |  shutter speed 1/5000  |  ISO 100

This photo was taken during our camping trip before we left for Abu Dhabi. I walked up to the bridge near our campsite and noticed my nephew playing near the water (he wasn’t alone even though it looks as though he was!) with sort of a natural “spotlight” coming down on him. The rushing river and the tall steep mountains covered in trees surrounding his little body gives off a “small boy, big world” feeling to the photo. When I opened this in ACR, I used the adjustment brush to darken the areas around the natural spotlight  to enhance it even more, drawing the viewers eye to my subject and emphasizing the overall feeling of the photo.

I have been wanting to start a weekly freelensing post here on my blog for a while and now with our big move behind us, I am finally going to! I find myself freelensing at least a few shots almost every time I shoot, which is daily of course since I am in the middle of a 365 project.  It’s become a huge, huge part of my work and style over the last several months. A big inspiration for me was The Freelensed - a group of photographers who take amazing freelensed images. I completely adore their work and am always so excited to see when they’ve featured a photo of mine.

Since this is my first post, I’m going to start off with a few of my faves over the last few weeks – some throughout our travels on our way to our new home in Abu Dhabi, some before and some after, in no particular order. I hope you’ll join me each week and like what you see. :)









We only stayed two nights in Brussels but boy was it amazing. When we arrived, the streets were alive with musicians, singers, artists, people walking and taking it all in – it was simply amazing. As soon as we got all of our luggage (refer to my last blog post!) up the 95 stair steps it took to get to the apartment we stayed it, we went straight down to the streets, partly because we were hungry, but also because we had to go and take it all in ourselves. We had an amazing view from our 4th floor apartment which was smack dab in the middle of it all.

Here is a little bit of what we saw.

When we arrived in Amsterdam, we had just gotten off a plane from Iceland, from Denver, from Spokane. We were exhausted. And we were greeted by rain. We got a large taxi, thankfully, for all of our luggage and the driver eventually figured out where to take us. We get there and my husband and the taxi driver get out to make sure we’ve arrived to the correct place. They are gone for a long, long time. I’m left in the taxi-van with 3 sleeping littles, watching bicycles whiz by and the rain come down. A man with an orange and yellow vest kept coming over and looking in the van – I knew he was wondering why we were parked there for so long but I think the sleeping children kept him from doing anything. My husband and the taxi driver finally come back and the driver is told he needs to move immediately or he’ll get a parking ticket. So we get all of our luggage out as quickly as we can (a family of five moving overseas requires a lot of luggage lol), bring it over to the building where there really is no overhang/protection from the rain, and after standing there for at least 5 minutes we somehow manage to pull it all through a long alley way to the apartment we had booked. (Our poor kids – they must think their parents are crazy after this trip!) The guy with the key finally shows up and opens the door. We look inside to find a long narrow hallway and even longer and narrower stairs that zig zag up to the top floor where we were supposed to stay. The guy looked at our faces, our luggage and the stairs and asked us if we’d like him to find us a different apartment. One with an elevator perhaps. We said yes of course and luckily he found us one. So thankful for his offer. We pulled all our luggage back out to the street, quickly crossing the bike lanes (one might argue that the bikes in Amsterdam are more dangerous than cars!) and waited for a taxi. The whole time our suitcases and ourselves getting soaked by the rain. We finally arrive at the new apartment we would stay in for 3 nights and half of the items in our luggage are dampened. But we have beds to sleep in and that’s all that matters.

Our stay in Amsterdam was rough to be honest, but we still enjoyed what we could. I don’t recommend traveling through Europe while also making an international move. lol ;) Next time we go, we will travel light and expect to have to climb stairs wherever we stay – this “stair encounter” was only the first.

On our second morning in Amsterdam, I was the first to wake up and was pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining through the windows. I did as any good photographer would do and went outside with my camera. It was the first time I was really motivated to get out and see things since we arrived. It’s amazing how sunlight can change your mood, no matter how exhausted and jet-lagged you are. This sunlight on this morning, shining through the bicycle tires, reflecting off windows, warming me physically and mentally, was just what I needed to give me a second wind for the remainder of our trip.


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