Littlest + Youngest // Tonka + Vacuum

The dynamics of a large age gap have been so interesting to watch. My littlest is now three, my biggest nearing eleven. They are eight years apart, but probably have the closest bond out of all three kids. When we found out we were pregnant with our third child, I honestly feared the large age gaps my youngest would have with his two older siblings. I thought my third child would be lonely. I had no idea what I was in for, though, and how incredible it would be to watch these relationships grow and change as they all get older, wiser, and funnier. ;)

On this day, my biggest was responsible for vacuuming the entire house – EVEN her brothers bedrooms. (How dare we make her do that!) She actually loves doing stuff like this – usually. ha! While she was busy cleaning, littlest was in his carefree little world, riding around in his giant Tonka Truck. I decided to document her vacuuming, as the light was rather glow-y that day, and he decided to barge in and soak up that camera’s attention. He loves to do that.

Any way, just a fun little contrast in activities and ages. Hope you enjoy.




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