Madera Canyon | New Road + New Perspective

We’ve spent many weekends and weeknights in Madera Canyon since we moved here in July last year. Every time, we’d head into the mountains and hike the trails, through the trees and prickly pear cacti. Seeing the mountain sides up close and the view of where we’d just come from, down below. This time, we took a drive on some roads out away from the mountains. We saw them from roads we’d not traveled on yet. We were out in the open desert as we watched the sun peek out from the thick clouds, highlighting the peaks and valleys. The colors changed minute to minute as the clouds hid and then revealed the sun over and over again until it finally dipped below the horizon for the night. A new perspective is so refreshing. I love climbing in the mountains, but this new view was amazing.

I’m reminded of how important it is to step back and view things from a new perspective. How important it is to put yourself in an unfamiliar place so that you may see the world in a new way, so that you may understand the world more deeply. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to travel to various parts of the world and see other cultures first hand – but even my travels are just a tiny glimpse of the world and its people. I’ve always been an empathetic person, but my experiences have brought that empathy to another level. As I’m photographing my subjects, whether that be my children or the mountains, I’m constantly seeking the best angle at which to capture what lay before me. The thing is, there is no best angle. There are many ways to view and capture the world around us. What’s important is that we look at the world at every angle and find the one that feels truest, most honest and right. One that doesn’t benefit ourselves at the expense of another.

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