Project 365 | week twenty-one

“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.”

~Henry Miller

Going into this monochromatic 365, I had a goal in mind. Aside from the obvious goal of creating visually pleasing black + white images each day, I wanted to focus on art made from the every day – just living. I saw the above quote just before I headed over to my blog to finish the post up and it was perfect so I had to share. Two things though: first, the act of converting to black + white does not automatically = art, second, I can’t possibly create what I deem to be fine art every single day of the year. I do, however, feel that keeping these things in mind each day is making me a stronger artist.


Pretending. Always pretending.



Was there ever a cuter little boy sitting on a porch? I don’t think so.



Looks like someone needs their own tricycle.



He just wants to be outside. Whether it’s, hot or cold, wet or dry, he just wants to be outside.



If there is water running, these sweet little hands can usually be found trying to grab the stream flowing from the faucet.



What is the point of giving a high five if you aren’t going to do it enthusiastically?



The sweetest thing happens when anyone lays down on the floor. Littlest races as quickly as he can to lay down next to them. Bum up in the air and squeaky little contentment noises and all. Just the sweetest.148

  • June 1, 2015 - 11:43 AM

    jenny clickinmoms - yes, agree,cutest little boy sitting on porch! love this!ReplyCancel

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