Project 365 | week twenty-two

When I feel overwhelmed, like I want to give up, I remind myself of why I do this and what has come of it in the past. I came across this quote and it brought me back to my first 365 project, nearly 4 years ago.

“You yourself are unique – you have ways of seeing your world that are unlike those of anyone else – so find ways to faithfully express that and your style will emerge.” -David Duchemin

I didn’t realize it until I had completed that first 365, but that project was the first big step in gaining my voice. At the last minute, seconds before midnight on the first of the year, I decided to do away with themes and rules, and just shoot my every day life for an entire year. I made my first post with a photo I had taken that day and that’s how it started. An impromptu moment that would lead to many more. Life is full of unexpected, impromptu moments and those are my favorite things to capture. That first 365 project was so huge in discovering who I was as a photographer. I discovered that documenting real life was what I was passionate about, and good at.

I’ve done projects each year since, (one being a P52) and have grown so much through each one. My voice and style are constantly evolving. It’s comforting knowing that. Knowing there is more to look forward to. Looking back on past projects motivates me to press on. I don’t want to look back at this time and be discouraged that I gave up.

And with that, I leave you with week twenty-two:


At the edge of the garden at sunset. A tired girl, who doesn’t want to go inside for bed.



Every evening, Grandma refills the bird feeders. On this evening, you got to help.



If you’re going to laugh, you may as well make it count.



In the summertime, the sunset determines bedtime. As long as it’s still shining, we’re outside playing.



Many evenings spent on the back patio, where it’s cooler than inside after a long, hot day.



It was just the two of you for so long, and yet, I’ve almost forgotten what that was like. Whenever I catch just the two of you in a frame, I’m reminded of that time and how it was. It’s funny though, even though it’s just the two of you present in this photo, there is evidence of littlest there in the frame.



A snack on mommy’s bed. Something only the toddler can get away with.


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