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The Salt Dough Ornament Disaster

You know those blog posts full of perfect creations with perfectly dressed children? Yeah, this isn’t that kindView full post »

Kitty Get Off The Counter

Kitty! Get off the counter! I’m in the kitchen cooking or cleaning or both. She jumps up on a chair, spying onView full post »

hiking madera canyon / arizona documentary photographer

We kicked off our Fall Break with some hiking in Madera Canyon. It’s been a few weeks since this hike, but well,View full post »

Finding the Light | Concentrated Light

When the light has to make it’s way through tight spaces, it behaves a little differently. Maybe it is comingView full post »

Madera Canyon at Dusk

When you find yourself in a spur of the moment trip to one of your favorite spots, and you have an insatiable desire toView full post »

Finding the Light | Monochromatic Light

Seeing light in black and white. Arguably, one of the most important things we can learn to do, is to see and captureView full post »

Finding the Light | August {Experimenting with Light}

Throughout our journeys, we reach many peaks. A peak consists of two slopes and once you climb one slope, reaching theView full post »

Film Notes | May 2016

Well, technically these were shot in April, but who’s keeping track? So I was inspired to load a roll of filmView full post »

We just went out for popsicles – documentary photography

We just went out for popsicles. I should have known it would turn into something more, knowing these kids the way I do.View full post »

Finding the Light | May {Composition + Light}

There are many ways to achieve a pleasing composition. When  we think about what our goal is when composing aView full post »

Get Out of that Rut

I think sometimes, we just get into these phases where no matter what we do, we don’t really love anything weView full post »

Finding the Light | April {Light + Shadow}

Where there is light, there are shadows. Even in the dimmest light, you’ll find shadows – subtle, yes, butView full post »

End of the Road

The last 15 months of working on this Finding the Light Project have been amazing. Words cannot express how amazing itView full post »

A Silver Lining, Found

I’ve been in a not-so-good place lately photography wise. We all have ruts and we all go through it. We have upsView full post »

Film Notes | February 2016

Some notes and random thoughts on a roll of film. Ilford hp5 shot @ 1600, pushed 2 stops The FIND Lab Canon EOS 3View full post »