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July Faves | Backlight

There are always loads of photos that have to be left out of these posts, but I do my best to select a variety ofView full post »

Finding the Light | August {Experimenting with Light}

Throughout our journeys, we reach many peaks. A peak consists of two slopes and once you climb one slope, reaching theView full post »

June Faves | Pocket of Light

My apologies for the lateness of these favorites, but here they are, in no particular order. Enjoy! Adri De La Cruz,View full post »

Finding the Light | July {Backlight}

I don’t know how we’ve managed to make it 18 months without using backlight as a theme, but here we are,View full post »

May Faves | Composition + Light

Brittany Elizabeth Photography Jayla Turner Photography Jennifer Smay Jennifer Winde Jessica Hachey OliviaView full post »

Finding the Light | June {Pocket of Light}

A pocket of light – mmm, a favorite. It seems to always happen in perfect spots, highlighting somethingView full post »

April Faves | Light + Shadow

A month spent focusing on how light and shadow work together resulted in some really amazing photographs. Congrats toView full post »

Finding the Light | May {Composition + Light}

There are many ways to achieve a pleasing composition. When  we think about what our goal is when composing aView full post »

March Faves | Cool Light

I think everyone can agree that this was a challenging month. Cool light isn’t readily available like most otherView full post »

Finding the Light | April {Light + Shadow}

Where there is light, there are shadows. Even in the dimmest light, you’ll find shadows – subtle, yes, butView full post »

February Faves | Radiant Light

Some months, you hear of the theme and you think, “this is so challenging, I don’t know if I can doView full post »

Finding the Light | March {Cool Light}

We know that light has a temperature, we know about white balance. We obsess over it. We ask others to be sure ourView full post »

January Faves | Quiet Light

With over 600 photos to browse through and choose the favorites, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. IView full post »

Finding the Light | February {Radiant Light}

Radiant light appears to come from the subject itself. The subject looks as though it is glowing and emitting a lightView full post »

December Faves | Just the Light

What an amazing way to end the year! I knew it was going to be good, but it was GOOD good. I’m so happy that weView full post »