Finding the Light | Magic Light

Light, light, light. Light is always the answer. How do you create such magical photographs? Light. The answer is light, and how it’s used. Light combined with the elements all around us, whether that be the toys in your kids’ rooms or the snow falling from the limbs of the trees, creates magic. You can do this with any type of light. You don’t need bright sunshine to achieve it.

There’s not a whole lot of instruction to give here, but I will touch on a few things that will hopefully help you as you seek those magical photographs. My biggest tip: Don’t force it. Magic doesn’t happen when you ask it to, let it come to you. Be in the moment, in every moment, and keep your camera handy. Let the kids be kids. Encourage a mess for the sake of a picture. Go on adventures – even miniature ones right outside your front door will do. Look at the world around you, as if you’re a child seeing things for the first time. Trust your instincts and let light lead the way. Creating magic with light isn’t really something you can be taught, it’s something you have to find within yourself. You have to let go of the rules and the ideals and just go with the flow.

Normally, I add some captions to the photos I add as examples, but I think magic tends to speak for itself. Everyone will find magic in different things, it all depends on what speaks to you.

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