Finding the Light | six months in and reflecting

You don’t walk around the world like you once did. No, not anymore. You stop. Maybe not always physically, but you stop. Your mind stops, to take notice of light. The noises around you are muted, as you take in the light. You aren’t always able to take advantage of the light photographically, but just having noticed it changes you as a photographer and as a person. You used to just walk about, maybe noticing a particularly pretty sunset, or field of flowers, but now you notice so much more. You notice that anything can be beautiful when in the right light. And by right light, I don’t mean to say that you need that perfect “golden hour” light to make a particular thing beautiful. Of course that golden hour light is beautiful. But it’s not all that is beautiful. It just has to be the right light for that thing you’re photographing at that time. The light just has to fit the way you’re feeling. Your emotion then gets translated in your photographs, sometimes without you even realizing it at first, but it does. This noticing of light and the world around you, it’s giving you your voice as an artist.


You’ve changed. Not just as a photographer, but as a person too.


Maybe it wasn’t just this project that did it for you, but I know even for me, it has made me see things differently than I did a year ago. Would I have changed without this project? I’m sure of it. Change happens even when we think it’s not happening. Since coming back to my parents house after being gone for nearly a year, I’ve already noticed light within and around the house that I don’t recall noticing before.  Maybe that’s partly due to being gone for a year, but I think it’s also because I’ve spent the last six months writing about and seeking out specific types of light.


Taking the time to study light each month of the year with like-minded individuals, seeing the photographs they’re creating alongside you, it inspires you to look farther and deeper. The act of looking for light becomes natural, something you do without even thinking about it. Making excuses of why you can’t find the light becomes a thing of the past.


Instead, you push harder.

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