365 Project | Make it last

Something about the new year brings us all such excitement; a new found energy and motivation. We have high hopes, dreams, goals for the year ahead of us. I found myself feeling a little burnt out throughout the year and especially at the end of my 365 in 2014, but this fresh start has restored me. I’ve felt anxious to get to work and get this project going once again.

I hope that you all remember this feeling you have right now. Don’t lose sight of it as the year passes. It’s definitely a journey worth taking and I’m excited for all of us.

This year, I’m shooting my entire 365 project in b+w and I have some goals within that that I’m working on. We’re now 10 days into the new year, and I still feel so energized by this and happy with what I’m producing. (Not trying to sound conceited! lol) But I know that at some point, I’m going to begin questioning my decision to shoot it entirely in black + white.

It got me thinking – how can I make this feeling last throughout the year? We all have down times, I know it will come again, multiple times throughout the year. It always does. How can I really remind myself of why I’m doing this and how I was feeling at the start of the year? So I’m starting a journal. I’m writing down what I want to bring to life in my work, the things I’m thinking and feeling about it right now. Throughout the year, as I have more ideas and thoughts, I can add to it. If I receive a compliment on my work that is exceptional, something that really hits home for me, I can write that down too. ¬†Hopefully when I start to feel uninspired, I can come back to my words and thoughts and comments from others, and it will remind me of my previous state of mind. I don’t know yet how well it will work, but one can definitely try. I encourage you to try the same!


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