Project 52

project 52

Light Up Your Life

Project 52 with Erin Hensley

I am hosting my first photo project this year and am basing it on seeing light and using it to our advantage as much as we are able to. Here on this page, you will find an up to date list of our weekly themes/inspiration and if you click here you can read the original post and read more about my idea behind this project.

We also have a facebook group if you’d like to join us there. We post our weeklies and other images, have fun, and motivate each other!


If your photo has been featured, please feel free to grab this button for your website/blog. Click on the button below to grab yours!

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project 52


You are free to join us at anytime and I encourage you to do so. Each week, I will choose anywhere from 5-10 images to feature right here on my blog. Please remember that the themes I post are meant to be more of an inspiration. And by inspiration, I mean they are there as something to inspire you, BUT if the theme doesn’t inspire you one week, then by all means go your own route with it! Follow the light! ;)

Week 1: Break the Rule of Thirds

Week 2: Daily

Week 3: Find the Beauty

Week 4: Harsh

Week 5: Busy

Week 6: Fearless

Week 7: Free Week

Week 8: My View

Week 9: New

Week 10: Light

Week 11: Warm

Week 12: Black + White

Week 13: My World

Week 14: Clutter

Week 15: Story

Week 16: Low Light

Week 17: Good

Week 18: Perspective

Week 19: Drama

Week 20: Bright

Week 21: Free Week

Week 22: Faceless

Week 23: Perfectly Imperfect

Week 24: Emotive

Week 25: Out of Focus


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