“I’m pretty picky when it comes to choosing action sets to purchase, but when I saw previews of Awakening, I just knew

I had to have it! I purchased Awakening on the day it was released and since then, I have been obsessed! It’s quickly

become my go-to action set. I’ve edited several sessions strictly using Awakening. I love the results and my clients are

over the moon with their images. I love that in one click, my vision comes to life.” – Niki


Recently, I purchased Erin Hensley’s Photoshop Action Bundle and I have to say, wow! The actions are extremely user

friendly, easy to install, and easy to use. They take a regular photograph to a whole new level and give it a very dramatic

feel. Awakening is by far my favorite set – so awesome. If you  haven’t purchased it yet, you definitely should. It’s very

reasonably priced. Thank you again and again Erin, for creating such beautiful actions and sharing them with us all.” – Rachel


“My workflow on my color images is so.much.faster with these presets (finding the light collection). I’ve been banging my head against a wall for months

now trying to find a color edit that really works for me, and would spend a ton of time messing around on a single image trying

to get it just right. With these, I know i’m going to get a beautiful edit quickly every time. If they don’t achieve the look I’m going

for in one click, they get me close enough that I only need to do a few minor tweaks here and there to help me get the vision I have

in my head become a reality. It’s amazing. These presets are fantastic and you should strongly consider purchasing them – not

only to help you achieve gorgeous edits, but to help learn to use light effectively while shooting and processing. Having each preset

based on a type of light helps me to be more aware of the light I’ve chosen to use in my images- and it’s made me be more intentional

and think ahead more while shooting as to what kind of look I’m going for both in camera and at the computer. -Liz


“I don’t consider myself great at LR and have used it very little in the past. These presets have been SO easy to use. Most have

been one click for me! When I’ve had to make adjustments, they have been so minor and so easy! These presets are gorgeous,

and they are so user friendly! You don’t have to be a LR expert to use them! Which is so important for me.” – Anita

“What I love most is that each preset takes into consideration all the details such as what elements typically accompany that type of light

(flare/shadows/haze, etc) and what probems we might counter when shooting in that light. It also leaves white balance untouched in most

cases (except in a few cases where tweaking color totally works!), so I can still have a clean edit and no strange color casts or inconsistent color

from one image to another. Unlike many other color preset collections, you can utilize several different presets throughout a set of images and

it still feels cohesive because the colors are not affected.  Another advantage is that the presets are easily recognizable by their labels. Sometimes

with presets the names are arbitrary words about nature to hint at what the preset emulates. But these are simple and straightforward labels,

which I appreciate. And finally…the tones are so beautiful! I love the richness I can achieve with the color presets, and the dynamic range of the

black and white presets. Erin has put a lot of heart into this collection, and I would highly recommend it. It combines her passion for light as well

as her keen sense of the nature of light and how it impacts photos. They are for anyone who encounters a variety of lighting conditions and is

looking for ways to bring their images to life with contrast, pops of color (or emotive monochromatic tones), and dimension that allows your moments

to shine and inspire!”  – Angie


“Erin Hensley is amazing. It’s so easy to capture a feeling along with your portraits with her presets and actions. That’s what I

look for most in an image, that feeling. You know it when you see it that it’s something special!” – Shanna

Erin’s Photoshop Actions are phenomenal and I was certain that her Lightroom Presets would be equally outstanding. And – they are! The product is

fantastic! The concept of choosing presets based on lighting is such a smart – and useful – approach. Light is what transforms an image from a snapshot

into something magical and these presets are ideal. I usually have to tweak presets and these were as close to “1 click” as any product that I’ve purchased. 

They are user friendly, reliable and don’t mask your inner version or visual expression.” – Melissa

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