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June Faves | Diffused Light

With one theme in mind for each photo submitted and featured, there is still so much diversity.  Diffused light bringsView full post »

Finding the Light | July {Last Light}

The sun is sinking lower into the sky, you’re watching as the light goes from harsh light to that hazy, magicalView full post »

Finding the Light | six months in and reflecting

You don’t walk around the world like you once did. No, not anymore. You stop. Maybe not always physically, butView full post »

May Faves | Spot Light

Many folks stated they had a rough time with spot light, but the images in the album would say otherwise. ThereView full post »

Finding the Light | June {Diffused Light}

Diffused light is not harsh or direct; it’s making its way through something, maybe a frosted window or a cloudView full post »

Project 365 | week twenty-one

“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” ~Henry Miller Going into this monochromatic 365, I had aView full post »

Project 365 | week twenty

135/365 It’s true. I do love the serious faces. There’s just so much story in those eyes. I love when theyView full post »

Project 365 | week nineteen

128/365 At first you were a little unsure about those gigantic dogs (AKA horses) but now they intrigue you and it takesView full post »

Project 365 | week eighteen

121/365 If I can’t find you, I always know the first place I should look is up at the barn, with the horses.View full post »

Project 365 | week fifteen

For the past month, I’ve barely been hanging on to this project 365 as I try to catch up on the editing andView full post »

Project 365 | week fourteen

93/365 The day a kite flew into our yard overnight. Naturally, we flew it. Until it got stuck on theView full post »

April Faves | Dappled Light

May is here and so are our April Faves! I have to say, I think this month/theme cranked out my favorite photos thusView full post »

Finding the Light | May {Spot Light}

The first thing you might think of when hearing spot light, are those spot lights used for concerts and otherView full post »

Finding the Light | April {Dappled Light}

I decided April would be the perfect time to work with some dappled light. The light that makes its way through theView full post »

Project 365 | week twelve

79/365 More toddler squat. 80/365 The morning after the night you decided to make a cozy place to sleep on theView full post »