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This Day at the Park

This blog post is here to show you that beautiful pictures can be deceiving. Looking at only these photographs, oneView full post »

Freelensing | July 2016

July began with a big move to a new state: Arizona. I’ll tell you what, this state is a gem. I never really gaveView full post »


Freelensing | February 2016

There’s something so different about watching a little one grow up amongst older siblings. There are eight andView full post »

Bringing a Vision to Life

The light was not nearly as bold and dramatic as the picture above would lead you to believe. The bright light andView full post »

Freelensing on Film | January 2016

Freelensing on Film. Canon EOS 3  |  Ektar 100  |  The FIND Lab I set out on this day, with only my film camera inView full post »

Freelensing | October 2015

I love that my window faces the east, so that in the mornings, I get to see the glow of the sunshine through the tallView full post »

Freelensing | September 2015

There are things that happen in nature that are pure magic. But I can’t tell you what they are, because IView full post »

freelensing | june 2015

There’s no beach, just a place for boats to come and go. But it’s close to home and it’s a break fromView full post »

Freelensing | May 2015

We’ve settled into a routine now after our big move. While we wait to get settled into our very own home here inView full post »

Freelensing | March 2015

We’re going to be moving out of this villa soon. While the house itself is definitely not my favorite placeView full post »

Just Before

Just before the morning sun rises above the tops of the trees in our yard, there is dappled light that falls perfectlyView full post »

The Light The Wall and The Rocking Moose

Sometimes, when the babe is napping and the older two are actually getting along, I’ll see some light that IView full post »

Project 365 | week ten

Honest moment: Some days I wish I hadn’t started another 365 project because I know I am too stubborn to everView full post »

Project 365 | Week Eight

50/365 The day we got our dumye doll. The first thing you said when it arrived, was how excited you were that an orphanView full post »

Freelensing | February 2015

After taking a much needed break from freelensing, it felt good to be back. Like reuniting with a long lost friend.View full post »