What about what I want to learn?

A major goal this year was to dedicate significant time to something my homeschooler wants to learn. Bitxbox is that thing.

He loves video games. That is a fact that’s not going to go away. We have to limit his time on this activity quite a bit, but it’s something he loves and something he’s good at. And ya know, that’s cool. Being good at video games actually takes a lot of coordination and skill. The other thing that’s really cool though? He researches the history of video games and often wishes he would have been a kid in the 80s and that’s really rad to me. I don’t think there are many kids who would wish to go back to basic video games. I love his appreciation for this. Plus, the 80s were a pretty cool time to be a kid if you ask me. ;)

Where do we start?

SO. He has interest in making video games, too and that’s where a unique education comes in. That’s where building his confidence comes in. He often says he wants to make video games but then gets overwhelmed in the thought process, in the big picture, of how the heck does he learn to do such a big thing? Will he ever be able to, he wonders? He has a hard time breaking things down and taking it one step at a time.

After a bit of research and few thousand ads for Bitsbox on my Facebook after said research, I landed on… Bitsbox. Ha! It is pretty cool though, so ads or not, I would have gone this route in the end. Bitsbox (that’s a referral link just FYI) is a monthly subscription for kids that teaches them how to code. Cool, huh! Your first box comes with a binder and your first set of “learn how to code” cards. The organizing nerd in me really appreciates how lovely this is, by the way.

We are just diving into this, and it’s a small step in the grand scheme of things, but he is loving it overall. It’s giving him something he loves to do while teaching him something that will be very valuable to know and understand. Even with the frustrations he’ll inevitably continue to have, he’ll keep coming back and he’ll feel good knowing he’s taking action in learning something that he loves to do.

The other cool thing about this subscription is that you can buy just one, but make multiple accounts for each child in your home! Littlest probably isn’t quite ready for this, but oldest will probably want to try it out. I love that we can do that without spending extra money on multiple subscriptions. Their site is full of tutorials so it’s super easy to get started and we are having a blast!