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bitsbox / coding for kids

What about what I want to learn? A major goal this year was to dedicate significant time to something my homeschoolerView full post »

one day at a time

One Day At A Time / homeschooling

Yesterday wasn’t a total loss, but it wasn’t very productive school-wise. And that’s ok, becauseView full post »

rough waters, still waters / homeschooling

According to my planner, we’ve had 3 solid weeks of homeschooling. We eased into it the week before, as IView full post »

What Style?

It just never occurred to me to care what others may or may not think about my style – or lack thereof. You couldView full post »

Embrace Your Light

I have contemplated over and over, what to do with this light thing I’ve had going for a few years now. I mostView full post »

Hello, Helios!

Several months ago, a friend share with me some info about a rad little lens she uses. The Helios.  A Helios is aView full post »

Finding The Light No Matter What

Over the last several months, I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that my photography journey really took offView full post »

April + May 2017 | Rim Light + Dappled Light Faves

My apologies for the late, late (late, late, late!) faves post, but here it is… err, they are. I’veView full post »

The Time is Now, Don’t Wait

Whatever you do, don’t pass up a moment because the light isn’t right. Don’t leave your camera behindView full post »

Madera Canyon | New Road + New Perspective

We’ve spent many weekends and weeknights in Madera Canyon since we moved here in July last year. Every time,View full post »

Finding Light When Finding Light is Hard

As we explore our first (revisited) theme this year, Window Light, I’m inspired to show you the importance of aView full post »

Littlest + Youngest // Tonka + Vacuum

The dynamics of a large age gap have been so interesting to watch. My littlest is now three, my biggest nearing eleven.View full post »

This Day at the Park

This blog post is here to show you that beautiful pictures can be deceiving. Looking at only these photographs, oneView full post »

His 3rd Birthday

His 3rd Birthday was like, the absolute perfect day. I just knew he would end up having one of those “crankyView full post »