Finding the Light | February {Radiant Light}

Radiant light appears to come from the subject itself. The subject looks as though it is glowing and emitting a light of its own. Trees, buildings, people, every physical thing in our world is touched by light, illuminated by light. Perhaps, the simple presence of the subject within the light adds a radiance to the photo that may not otherwise be there. The emotion shown in the subject, in their face or body language, can be radiant too, and when complimented by a particularly radiant light, the result is a powerful image.

Just as the light can radiate onto and through the physical objects in our world, the physical objects can show a radiance too. A smile or a look in someone’s eyes can be radiant. A forest can be radiant. The flames in a fire are radiant in a very literal form. There are many ways to interpret this type of light. There is literal radiant light, and there is the radiance that a person or object exudes.


1. sending out light; shining or glowing brightly

2. a point or object from which light radiates

3. (of a person or their expression) clearly emanating great joy,

love, or health

4. (of an emotion or quality) emanating powerfully from someone

or something; very intense or conspicuous

synonyms: shining, bright, illuminated, brilliant, gleaming, glowing, ablaze, luminescent, shimmering


1. the form of energy that makes it possible to see things

2. brightness produced by the sun, by fire, a lamp, etc.

Look to the words used to define and describe the word radiant and use them to help you as you seek out this type of light. If you see a shining, shimmering, and luminescent quality in what lay before your eyes, make a photograph. If the light illuminates your subject in a brilliant and unexplainable way, make a photograph. If your subject is gleaming and glowing, make a photograph.

This year, we are most definitely still focusing on light, but sometimes that light isn’t necessarily literal in our photographs; sometimes the light we are photographing is coming from within our subjects and their expressions or emotions.

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The snow was still deep, and the tree was dry and unwelcome, so it was plopped down in the snow, appearing to be in its natural state once more. The next morning as the sun rose, there was a special glow all around the tree, as if to make it really feel alive once more. The lights that decorated the tree were nothing in comparison to this natural, radiant light.


The bright, mid-day sun makes the clouds appear as though they are glowing.


It is the subtle light here that brings out the radiance of these fallen leaves. The lines and textures are made visible because of this subtle light, and they bring the image to life.


The glow coming through the window and illuminating her silhouette, enhances her expression.

Light reflected off of a surface, such as a mirror, creates an other-worldly glow.


The movement and body language makes it feel as though the light is there because of him. It isn’t bright, direct sunlight, but it has a glow, a radiance to it.


Sometimes, closing off most of the light, creates a magical, radiant glow that can’t be seen any other way. Sometimes, less is more.

radiant-light-erin-hensleyThe intensity of the light and color set the tree ablaze; its radiance couldn’t be hidden.

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