Finding the Light | January {Quiet Light}

What is it that sets the tone in our images? Have you ever really paid attention to how light affects the tones, mood and emotion of any given image? We often look to editing to achieve a certain look or mood, and while editing is an important part of the process, it’s really the light that sets the tone. Of course, an expression on a person’s face is going to effect the mood, but light plays such a huge part. This year, I want to explore how light changes the look and mood of our images. We’ll be looking to light to get a particular feeling in our photographs. You will find that when you let the light and moments set the tone in your daily images, and work with them to make them look their best, your work becomes effortlessly cohesive.

In this first month of the new year, we are going to focus on light that sets a quiet mood. I love shooting in this type of light, probably because I love the quiet. I’m typically an early riser, getting up before anyone else, pouring my coffee, and sitting in the silence silence. Sometimes I’m reading a book, other times I’m typing away on my laptop. I enjoy every second of it. Naturally, that will translate into my work. When I think of “quiet light”, or a quiet mood in an image, I think of a cloudy day, or just a slice of light in an otherwise dark room, or maybe the way the subtle light brings out the features in a child’s face as their mind races through the millions of thoughts they constantly have, but their face remains still and calm. Quiet. It can be a lot of different things and come from a lot of different places. I’m really excited to start this year off with a bit of a twist in the the themes and of course, very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful photos.

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Soft light, diffused through curtains and a lack of focus.





Just this little bit of light here, highlights my littlest quietly reaching for the hotel telephone.


A quiet sunrise, with subtle light rays and a feeling of stillness.


The light is soft and the bridge is old, worn, and empty. All is quiet.

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